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AP Mitchell Air-Conditioning’s FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

If You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers!

The heating and cooling systems are sized according to their Kw rating. Residential and commercial systems can range from 2kw to over 120kw.

The only way to properly ensure the size of the system you purchase will be large enough to cool or heat your home, but not any larger than you need, is to have your home’s individual heating and cooling needs evaluated by a registered installer.

The efficiency of refrigeration systems and heat pumps is denoted by its Coefficient of Performance. For a heat pump a COP value of 4 means that the addition of 1 kW of electric energy is needed to have a release of 4 kW of heat at the condenser.

The most important part of any HVAC maintenance is to ensure filters are regularly cleaned and the Indoor and outdoor unit coils are clean and free from dust/debris. We would recommend a service twice per annum, one minor and one major service to ensure any warranty conditions are met and that your system is in top condition.

Yes. All leading manufactures have developed new systems that contain the
environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant. R32 is the next generation refrigerant that efficiently carries heat and has lower environmental impact with an ozone depletion level of zero.

Whilst normal breathing can emit 10 decibels, normal talking will emit between 40 and 60 decibels. Air conditioning indoor units will emit approx. 27 decibels based on the model, meaning a restful sleep during the warm summer nights.

All indoor air conditioning and ventilation units use an air filter which remove a
variety of particles that naturally end up in our indoor environment. Air conditioning can also control humidity which can reduce the risk of damp and mold.